Brand Alchemy

Let yourself be seen.


The conscious woman’s blueprint to building a soul-led brand.


Your radical self expression will lead you to a life of sovereignty, wild abundance, and massive impact.

You have so much medicine to share. You’re ready to live a life completely on your terms… Calling in abundance, freedom, and massive impact by sharing your gifts with the world. 

It'll look something like this...
  • You wake up each morning with no alarm, get to work when you want after a long morning ritual, and have ample time for play because you’re in charge of your own schedule.
  • You’re your most magnetic self in everything you do, no longer giving an F about what anyone thinks about you. You do it for YOU.   
  • You have the spaciousness in your life to cook your nourishing meals, pursue your creativity, connect to yourself, AND serve your dream clients each and every day.
  • You live a body-based lifestyle and make decisions in alignment with your intuition, your energy levels, and your present needs and desires. 
  • You call in money, collaboration, opportunity, and community day in and day out simply by being yourself and following your soul’s calling.

Brand Alchemy is your blueprint.

Building a thriving soul-led brand is MORE than possible for you.


You don’t have to keep scrolling past your favorite coaches, content creators, and influencers wishing you were them. You can create your OWN dream brand using the power of social media and your radical self expression. A virtual space that is uniquely yours, filled with your own dream community. Where opportunities pour in, money overflows, and your soul family continues to grow each and every day. 

It's never been easier to step into your role as a conscious leader. To have the ability to share your unique magic with the world and in turn call in opportunity, wealth, soul family, and freedom in all forms.  

All it requires is your willingness to show up. To say goodbye to the limiting beliefs and fears keeping you out of your magnetism and radical self expression. 






A 12-week group program supporting conscious women in building soul-led brands.

There is a world in which you get paid to share your gifts with the world. Where you call in dream clients, soul community, and wild opportunities over and over again because you’ve unlocked the key to a sustainable, heart-fueled online brand. And it’s not just marketing that’ll get you there… Inside Brand Alchemy you’ll explore the energetic alignment required to thrive in the online realm. Don’t worry, there's a soul-aligned strategy for you, too. Because you can’t have one without the other. Get ready to claim the life you’ve always dreamed of. .

Let's bring your dream brand to life together, shall we?

Now is your time.


Inside Brand Alchemy, you’ll::


  • Find your sense of authentic self expression and release the fear of being seen or judged. You’ll step into your magnetism and create from a place of soul-aligned joy and service

  • Gain access to a unique, body-based methodology for creating high value content that speaks directly to your dream clients.

  • Become crystal clear on WHO you are as a brand, WHY you’re showing up, and HOW you’ll share your mission in a sustainable, magnetic, and vulnerable way.

  • Rewire your subconscious to feel worthy of success, of abundance, of massive impact, and attune your nervous system to be able to hold ALL of the magic that will be pouring into your life.
  • Get inside the heart and soul of your dream community / clients and learn how to create specifically for them, while staying true to yourself.

  • Learn the exact tools, practices, mindset and energetic shifts, and strategies any conscious woman needs to build a life of true sovereignty, abundance, and massive impact utilizing the power of social media.

The Brand Alchemy Method

Phase 01: Brand Foundations

Your brand must plant its roots before it can bear any fruit. We’ll kick off our time together creating those roots for your brand. We’ll clarify your brand voice, your brand story, your why, and deep dive into who it is you’re looking to serve. We’ll explore foundational energetic work, unblocking the centers of your body keeping you from creation, from self worth, from expression. This is the building block that the rest of our journey grows upon.

Phase 02: Content Marketing + Social Media Optimization

We’ll work together to uproot old patterns and beliefs that are keeping you small and holding you back from accessing your full capacity as a brand owner and leader. Exploring a wide range of content styles so you can create content that deeply connects you to your dream community and clients. We’ll dive into Instagram and Tik Tok, the two platforms that are here to hold you through massive growth and impact.

Phase 03: Visual Branding + Aesthetics

In this module we’ll explore the emotional, psychological, and energetic states behind your visual branding and the aesthetic you give off in your brand. We’re creating a specific vibe that you’ll be known for throughout your brand. Your brand is a living, breathing entity and a work of art, which means it requires care in all areas. Together we will bring her to life and make sure your digital space feels like a sanctuary. 

Phase 04: The Creation Process

At our core, we’re all creators. It’s time to break up with your inner perfectionist and unblock the creative self that lies within you. Connecting with your inner child to create from a state of play, understanding buyer behavior / psychology while creating, and blending the strategy behind high-performing content and the energy behind magnetic content so you never run out of content ideas again and are in flow state creation mode.

Phase 05: Content Marketing Optimization

Content is absolute QUEEN when it comes to building your online brand. What’s missing for so many is the correlation between creating content and your body’s natural cycles as a woman. Learn my unique methodology to batch high quality content MONTHS in advance based on your body’s natural cycles. Create rituals around your creation process and understand the importance of hooks, hashtags, audio, copywriting, and so much more.

Phase 06: High Level Strategy

We’re bringing it all together. Own your magnetism, attune yourself more deeply to success, and step into the embodiment of the brand you’re creating. Understand content planning, launch planning, scripts and outlines, and unique strategy for each platform and each content medium within each platform. The feminine energy gals know that true freedom to create comes from having masculine structure. Let’s build that structured container for your creative self to thrive in. 

When you join Brand Alchemy you will receive:

Bi-Weekly Modules

Dripped-out every other Monday with a wide-range of tools and practices that align with each phase. 

Slack Community

A private community chat to connect with me and the other women daily for questions and support.

Weekly Live Calls

Held on Zoom for 90 minutes each week. Where you get live access to me, Q+A time, hot-seat coaching, and so much more. 

Lifelong Access

To the entire course portal (including any future additions) and all call replays from our 12 weeks together. 

You will also receive:


  • An accountability buddy to connect with 1:1 for the entirety of our time together so you can feel even more deeply supported.

  • Link in bio tutorial with my all time favorite high-converting platform that will help you generate sales and host all of your offerings in one concise place.

  • Brand Deal email template so you can start getting paid to work with brands you love.
  • Media Kit template to pitch yourself for brand deals or other opportunities that align with your goals and dreams.

*Once you click this button, you’ll be taken directly to the application. You’ll be asked a few questions to see if you’re a good fit and will be given the price of the program. If you're the right fit for Brand Alchemy, we'll reach out to you within 48 hours and discuss next steps for enrollment.

Maddie Pelle

"Brand Alchemy was a true blessing in my life in a time when I needed it the most. I have never invested in a mentorship-type program before or ever invested in myself like this before and I am so grateful it was Emma. I truly went through the biggest growth phase in my life during this container because of the support and guidance Emma provided. I can't say enough good things about Emma and her work. She truly puts her soul into her work and it shows. She is the most kind-hearted yet will tell you like it is which was perfect for what I needed."

Annika Bolten

"I loved being part of Brand Alchemy. For me personally, it was important to have this framework to commit to my business. Brand Alchemy includes everything you need to build your online brand and share your wisdom with the world through the power of social media. I would choose Emma over and over again as a coach. You can immediately feel that she authentically embodies everything she teaches. Emma has an incredibly loving and open energy and gives you the feeling that you too can move your business forward with ease and joy."

Shayna Brochstein

"Brand Alchemy was everything I wanted and more. It helped me gain a deeper sense of how to express myself in both the online and offline world. I see myself continuing to return to all of this wisdom many times. This whole program felt like the ultimate guidebook to creating an online business/stepping into authenticity. I loved being in Emma's space SO much. Every call I felt like I was just hanging with my friend who just so happens to have so much juicy wisdom to share. Out of any coaches/guides I have found on the online space, I resonate with Emma the most.

Ella Gutman 


"Emma’s Brand Alchemy program was so insightful. It went beyond the social media aspect and went into the depth’s of shadows to understand in what way I would like to present myself via social media. It targeted the areas of which I can share myself in the most authentic way and work through the fears that have been holding me back from doing so. The meditations, the inner child exercises and the concrete ways to use social media (navigate the algorithm) and so forth were extremely insightful. Emma is a beautiful soul and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to go through her program. I recommend anyone who is looking to build their social media or just go deeper within themselves to do her Brand Alchemy program. Thank you Emma! I love you!!''

Laura Henry


"Working with Emma was a beautiful, powerful, and transformative experience that brought awareness to the importance of self-expression and reclaiming inner power to create a beautiful and conscious life. Emma provides incredible content and practices that help you dive deep into your greatest wounds and bring light to the many ways you unconsciously remain in your own way. She is patient, loving, gentle, and such an incredible space holder. Her support brought me out of my own stagnancy and limiting beliefs and brought me to a place of peace, grace, and acceptance. By the end of our time together I felt brand new and realigned with the highest/happiest version of myself and very capable of creating a life I love. I will be forever grateful for Emma and her wisdom, as well as the friendship I have formed with her over our time together."

Nicole Guillino


"Emma has found the perfect balance between being able to hold someone accountable while simultaneously being gentle with them, and encouraging them to do the same with themselves. She knows exactly what type of pressure is appropriate and she is so full of love and acceptance. She led me to find that same deep acceptance in myself. In my time working with Emma I felt more connected to myself and my body than ever before."

Meet Emma:


Emma is a Brand Embodiment and Conscious Marketing Coach who is on a mission to show women their ability to create wildly successful and sovereign lives through the power of radical self expression. 

She went to University for Digital Marketing before embarking on a holistic wellness journey at IIN, as well as getting certified as a Breathwork Facilitator. 

Emma has created a unique methodology to support women on their brand journey, blending marketing and content strategy with energetic alignment and feminine embodiment. 

She is also a passionate musician, traveler, nature-lover, reader, and space-holder.

When you join Emma's world, you not only get her as your coach, but as your friend and sister. 

She is deeply intentional with the spaces she creates and honors each and every woman who enters her containers.

Emma has grown a thriving brand over the past few years, with over 260k combined humans in her Instagram and Tik Tok communities. 

She has worked with over 50 dream brands in collaboration, hosted multiple wellness retreats, and has clients from all around the world.

She will continue to spread her mission far and wide, paving the way for women to be wildly self expressed, wealthy, and free.


You’re worthy of being seen online and getting paid for it. You’re worthy of calling in dream clients left and right and making a MASSIVE impact on this planet by simply being who you are. 


It’s not just a dream. 
It’s more than possible for you. 
It’s within your reach, right here and right now. 


The only person in your way of making this reality yours is YOU. 

I know it can be scary to take a leap like this. 

I know you might be asking yourself ‘what if it doesn't work?’ 

I’m telling you right now that if you are DEVOTED to become the person who is successful, impactful, and living in her dharma… There’s no way that you won’t. 


Your dreams are on the other side of your comfort zone. 

Take the leap.


*Once you click this button, you’ll be taken directly to the application. You’ll be asked a few questions to see if you’re a good fit and will be given the price of the program. If you're the right fit for [program name], we'll reach out to you within 48 hours and discuss next steps for enrollment.